The Shopping Cart is extremely easy to use, and it should cut the time down that it takes to order! If there is anything I have not addressed on this page that you are concerned about, please email me.

1. Why do I have to give you a cookie?

Most Shopping Carts work on "cookies". Actually, our Shopping Cart takes two cookies from you, but the good news is that your name and address information (not your credit card information) are then stored on our site for a period of time!

2. Why do I see "+5.00", for example, on some of the picks for the items I am ordering?

The Shopping Cart I purchased works off a base price for each "cart". If I have more than one item that's priced differently, I have to tell the Shopping Cart to charge more than the base price for that particular item. The price in the parentheses is the correct price for the item.

3. Why doesn't the right photo of the piece I ordered show up in the Shopping Cart?

With this Shopping Cart, I can only pick one photo, so if there are multiple items on the page, a photo of the same item will show up, no matter what you order.

4. What about shipping charges?

Shipping is listed per item on the web pages. If you only order one item, this is the shipping you will be charged, not what shows up in the Shopping Cart. We start having of a problem when the Shopping Cart tries to figure shipping for multiple items.

I have done my best to figure shipping charges appropriately on our Shopping Cart. However, it will not be completely accurate in all cases. I have made no change in our shipping policies and will do as I have always done--you will be charged the true shipping charges plus a padded envelope charge ($.50). If your shipping charges are less than what the Shopping Cart told you they would be, you will be charged the lesser amount. The shipping charges listed on the web page will be most accurate.

5. How long does my order stay on-line?

If you are interrupted when you are placing an order with me, your record will be retained for two hours. If you get back to your computer within that time frame, everything should still be there that you have already filled out in the Shopping Cart.



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