I use TDK Cd-roms which are very good quality.
These Cd-roms will work on both PCs and Macs.

These Cd-roms contain images only; they are not graphics software.


I accept the following types of payments:

Money Orders
Cashier's Checks

I will either send you a PayPal invoice or email you with the correct total including shipping within 24 hours of receiving your order, depending on the payment method you have selected. Do not pay me until you hear from me with your total, because the shipping amount will often show up wrong in the Shopping Cart--it will be too high for the graphics.

If you are paying by PayPal, please use this email address for me:

If you are paying by check or money order, please make it out to "Deborah Burton" and mail it to the snail mail address listed at the bottom of each web page.

To order your first breed, go to this Shopping Cart page
To order your second breed, third breed, etc., go to this Shopping Cart page.

If you are in another country, please email me with your order, and I will email you back with the correct total including shipping within 24 hours of receiving your order or bill you through PayPal if that is the payment method you wish.

Number Of Pieces Amount
1 Cd-rom $2.00 USD (For U.S. Orders)
$2.00 USD (For Canadian Orders)
$3.50 USD (For U. K. and Western European Orders)
$3.50 USD (For Orders To Australia, New Zealand, and Japan)
Shipping charges for other countries not listed above may be more than what is listed here; contact us for shipping rates when you place your order. All U.S. orders will be shipped First Class with the U.S. Post Office. All foreign orders will be shipped Air Mail/Small Packet with the U.S. Post Office, because these pieces are very light.

If you already own the Special Corgi Graphics Cd-rom, we are offering an upgrade on Fuzzy Faces' new Cardigan graphics and new Pembroke graphics at a special price for you. Go here for more information.

We have added two new categories to each color/marking for both breeds--"Holiday Design Collection" (Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Christmas) and "Generic Design Collection" (Bones & Hearts, Heart Bouquets, Mini Paw Prints, Patriotic #1, Patriotic #2, Patriotic #3, Patriotic #4, Patriotic #5, Paw Prints #1, Paw Prints #2, and Rainbow Bridge). These match the designs we offer in our "Generic Dog Design Collection". We have also added new breed Agility and Obedience graphics in every color/marking in both the Cardigans and the Pembrokes.

Choose which Cd-rom you'd like:

Would you like to add the Generic Dog Design Collection to your order?

Would you like to add the Agility and Obedience Design Collection to your order?

Would you like to add both the Generic Dog Design Collection and the Agility and Obedience Design Collection to your order?

If you wish to order graphics for other breeds, please go to this page to see what other breeds we have available.

Are you trying to hit a special date? Let us know, and we'll let you know if it isn't feasible.

Other Special Date:

You must cut and paste the licensing agreement and send it to us in an email message after you have read it in conjunction with your order. When we get the agreement from you, this will tell us that you have read it and give your consent to our licensing stipulations.

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This Shopping Cart automatically orders one of each item. If you need more than one of the same piece and don't need to change any options, you can change the quantity ordered in the Shopping Cart. If you need to order a different item or more of the same item with a change in options, merely use your "back" button to return to this page after you order the first item and make the necessary changes. Be sure to "erase" your first item and go back to "None" before you choose your second item.

Prices are subject to change without notice.




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