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1. Why do your graphics load so quickly?

Almost all of our images are done in .gif files that are only 16 colors. This reduces the file size considerably. If anyone else had 100+ images on a page, you'd be sitting there a half hour later waiting for that page to upload if you've got "standard" internet service.

2. What software do you use to create your graphics?

I use a program called Paint Shop Pro, PSP, to do all of my graphics in. I use GIF Construction Set to do all of my animated .gifs. I consider both programs invaluable!

3. Why are all of your dogs groomed for the show ring?

That's the world I live in--we specialize in show dogs. I am a vendor at AKC dog shows and have been for 9 years, although 2000 is the last year we will be doing dog shows as vendors. I don't know as there is another source on the Web of show dog artwork.

4. Why do you specify that your images not be altered in any way?

The thing that upsets me most is resizing an image. If you'll look below, you'll see why. I do not like to see a lesser image with our name on it. There's quite a difference between the original and the resized image, and you can see how poor the quality is on the resized image.


6. Why are there very few really tiny graphics on your pages?

Our graphics are the size they are, because that is the size that allows me the most detail in the smaller images. I need to get a certain amount of detail in each breed so that you can tell what breed it is. The really tiny graphics would not work well in most dog breeds. You would wind up with the right colored "blob", but it would still be a "blob" and not be a distinguishable breed. Some dogs shrink way down very well, but most do not.

7. What size are most of your images?

Even the larger images I do are still quite small so that they are suitable for use on web pages. Keep in mind I am working with an image that is no more than 100-110 pixels on its longest side for the larger size, and the smaller images are usually around 60 pixels on their longest side. It is difficult to get as much detail as I'd like in any of the images I do, but it is especially difficult to get the smaller images to look like the breed.

8. You have every marking in my breed (fill in your breed) except the ______ (fill in the color/marking you're looking for). Why is that?

Some of the markings are almost impossible for me to do. Markings like blue merles, sables, and ticking are very difficult at best in a full size drawing, so I have done the best I can in the small images.



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