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We require you to either cut and paste our Licensing Agreement in an email message to us after you have read it in conjunction with your order which means you will honor our Licensing Agreement or send us an email note stating that you will honor our Licensing Agreement.

Anytime you purchase copyrighted material of any kind, there are always stipulations for usage. Most of us don't bother to read the fine print! You are purchasing the use of our graphics while we retain the copyright.

---Licensing Agreement---

We expect you to use the graphics for your own personal needs (i.e., personal web pages, desktop publishing, or anything else your heart desires). This license is for you only and not for any other people. Please don't lend the Cd-rom to a friend and don't use it to create a friend's web page. He or she should purchase his or her own Cd-rom.

Our designs cannot be used for anything that you will be making money on without purchasing the "commercial" usage for those designs.

Veterinarians, rescue groups, and dog clubs are exempt from paying any additional commercial fee. Your usage will fall under the "personal" usage defined above. However, if you work at a Veterinarian's and will be using the graphics for your own personal usage, then you should purchase an additional Cd-rom for use at the office or for the office's business if you do it at home.

If you have a kennel and wish to use our images on a business card, on stationary, etc., we know that if you're doing your breeding program the right way, you're not making any money off of your kennel "business". We will count this as personal usage and will not charge you the additional commercial fee for usage. However, if you are a for-profit kennel, you must pay the additional commercial fee for usage.

If you need to use these graphics for *any* commercial purpose, it will be necessary to clear that purpose with us and to purchase the graphics you need to use for that purpose for an additional fee. Commercial usage would include but is not limited to using our images for a commercial web site, any use by a commercial web site developer, using our designs to make things for sale, etc.

We have two commercial licensing fees. The first is $100.00 USD a breed if our designs are to be used in a money making project. Most other commercial usage will be $50.00 USD a breed. Each case will be judged on its own merits.

These graphics are never to be offered in whole or in part for sale or for free by you in any way (Cd-rom, free graphics on a web page, downloadable zip files, etc.). This means, in part, that you cannot create other graphics using our graphics as a base and offer them for sale or for free in any form.

If you have any questions where your usage falls (personal or commercial), just email us, and we'll be glad to help you.


If you have any other questions, please email me.



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